The comeback

Returning after a long absence here I am, trying to deliver some message. It’s been a long hiatus on my part because of personal life issues that are not worth discussing here but I have learned a few things along the way. For example, that you never cease to learn.

My classes with three wonderful women continue to be there, they are learning to speak fluently in English and I help them understand better ways to pronounce or express their ideas. It has been a fun process, seeing the three of them flourish and thrive in their language skills. One of them presented a demanding English exam that made her realize her potential; another one is exploring English in a deeper way because she would like to live abroad where English is spoken as a first language, and the third woman is someone seeking to be fluent because she has to, living already in a place where English is spoken and she needs to live her everyday life using it. It has been a long journey but I think we have made progress together.

Language is a living thing, it changes constantly, it is demanding, it is flexible, it is rich and it fills our lives with its many ways of letting us express our emotions and our thoughts. That’s why I think teaching a language can be difficult and slow. Of course, there are shortcuts but in my experience it takes a lifetime to learn a language. And yes, I think you can learn several at the same time but you will continue learning them throughout the rest of your life, if you pay attention.

I just know that our of experience and because a day does not go by without me learning some new expression or word. It is always so interesting to me! I know not everyone loves languages but for those who do, this can be an exciting adventure into the unknown.

And that is why, if you are learning a new language, I encourage you to not dismay or lose your motivation; it could take time but eventually, if you are constant, you will see that it gets easier and easier to understand, pronounce and even enunciate new words. Keep up the good work!