Is fear stopping you?

Sometimes you think you know what you are doing but you really do not. It is easy to make decisions based on an emotion and then regret having made them.

I know someone, for example, who is very skilled at different things but when this person has to demonstrate the knowledge that he has acquired, he refuses to do it because he is afraid. 

So, what is fear? it is that emotion that paralyzes us and does not allow us to move forward in any circumstance. When we experience fear we are trying to be protective towards ourselves but in reality what we are doing is stopping ourselves. Stopping ourselves from achieving, doing, accomplishing, fulfilling, trying, experiencing, experimenting, knowing.

Is fear necessary in our lives? Yes, but there is a point in time when we really have to get rid of it or it will take over our lives.

We cannot control life, it is beyond our power, but what we can do is adapt, accept, let go or overcome,  depending on the situation.  When it comes to situations that are totally unknown for us it is easy to try to escape in some way and that is why we procrastinate sometimes but it would be probably easier if we stayed and face whatever it is challenging us right on the face.

Do I do it all the time? No, of course not!, but I try. Lately what I have thought is that when I feel afraid of something I have to think about it and ask myself why I am afraid, what is the thing that I fear exactly will happen. I am looking for clarification but in the process I get to see myself and the fear does not have the size that it had in the beginning. 

So, my advice? face your fears. Sometimes it is easier than you think. You may gain confidence in the process and feel better with the outcome.