What I have learned on Youtube

Due to the lack of cable tv about two years ago I turned my attention to Youtube. I had never been a fan but I needed to figure out how to reorganize a desk in my home. That's when I looked for organization videos and that's when I met AlejandraTV, Do it on a dime, At home with Nikki, OrganizedJen (now Pretty Neat Living) and all sorts of different creative minds (women mostly) who have been accompanying me on the search of the "efficient" home. At the time of the search I was trying to get rid of clutter and also preparing to make easier on me a move to a new house . Their advice really helped me a lot and that is why I am mentioning them. All of them, with their ideas, jokes, real life situations (problems to solve) and experiences have helped me along the way. 

Here is a list of a few tips that I have learned from them along the way:


Alejandra Costello's channel is all about organization, be it in your home, your car, your school. I have learned from her that you have to develop systems that work for you; one of the tips I best appreciate from her is the way she organizes clothes in the drawers. It is so efficient that I really, really liked it but mostly it helped me save space when we downsized and moved into a very small house with an even smaller closet space. I think this video is a gem:

And the freedom filer system:



Do it on a dime: (#DoItOnaDime)

As charismatic Katherine speaks and tells you her ideas it is easy to feel enthusiasm to do certain projects at home for very little money. Any of her videos is good, informative and pleasant to watch


Clean my Space: (#cleanmyspace)

Melissa Maker has saved my life more than once with her many tips on how to clean. I like most of her videos but one of the most useful tips I have learned from her is how to keep a bath clean


and how to prepare DIY cleaners:


Pretty Neat Living: (#prettyneatliving)

I like planners and organization, all right? Well, Jennifer Ross is a very neat and organized person and she has also taught me different tips. Her favorites review are always interesting and her vlogs tend to be very entertaining. I heard abiout a certain kind of planners from her for the first time (Erin Condren Life Planner) and when she gave her impressions on the Midori Travelers Notebook I really liked her way to explain it. She made all the necessary remarks. I particularly like that she presents herself very real. 



From Cass I have learned several tips but one of my favorite was her explanation about morning and evening routines. I find that for me it is necessary to have them and she gave me ideas to put into practice immediately



This woman, Nikki, is amazing. She is super organized and a good teacher too. I love watching her videos because she always comes up with something new to organize, but especially liked her explanation of the home binder. I think so far that has been my favorite tip from her.

My Great Challenge: (#mygreatchallenge)

Sophia is dynamic, intelligent and creative. And she has a sense of humor!!. I love watching her videos because it is easy to relate to her; there are different kinds of videos in her channel but the most common are where she is cleaning her house, her great challenge, as she calls it. But don't be fooled by the symplicity of the title in her videos, she can get very philosophical and give you a piece of advice that is very grounded. 


From Teri I like listening to her stories but I have also learned a few things, especially when it comes to organization. She has a wonderful video where she gives you several tips that I found very, very useful. Of course. that is not all but this is a sample of the things you can learn with her.

In the end, all I can say is that there is countless amount of valuable information that can be found on #Youtube. To me it has been a source of inspiration and I am always looking forward to what these ladies (and others) have to say. I know these are not the most famous people on Youtube but they are giving something good, with generosity and, most of the time, charm.

Let me know what you think, let me know who are your favorite Youtubers and why. I am listening....