Life is a laboratory and this is my experiment

This year I am determined to discover new venues of creativity and because of that is that this blog emerged. This idea of blogging has been flirting with me for a while but it is until now that I can truly commit to talk about topics that interest women of my age, maybe younger, maybe older. Those topics include home management, creativity, music, cooking, books, home improvement, pets, languages, writing tools, education and faith.

So, this is my new experiment and I am excited to start because it is not something that comes easy to me but I am convinced that I want to communicate more than before. Today I want to talk about the results of experimenting with a project.

This is something that we all do, most often than not, and it usually encompasses a series of steps. guided or not, and end up in a success or a failure. I amused to experimenting because I do it all the time in my kitchen and in my house or on my person. 

Like I said in a previous post I like to watch Youtube because of the many things that I learn, but also because I like to see what is on the minds of other people. I do not care about camera technique or whether they are talking about the last topic trend. What I care about is the sincerity and value of the message that is being given. i find it of value if it comes with honesty, even if the message is as simple as an update of what that person ate that day.

It is through watching Youtube that I have become more interested in certain topics (like organization, planners, bullet journals, beauty and fashion) and I have great admiration for those men and women that are putting themselves out there to contribute with something valuable to the endless stream of videos. Many of them probably experiment a lot in their own before talking about whatever topic they choose but some seem to throw themselves without much preparation into filming themselves. Whatever their method I have found myself wondering more about certain topics and have decided to experiment with ideas, suggestions and even projects.

My lesson learned here is that sometimes it is very good to share with the world what you are experimenting with, the knowledge that comes with it and the benefits or disadvantages of doing so. I have also found that many Youtubers define themselves as shy or introverted (when it comes to people in their real lives, not in their virtual lives) but find this venue of filming video more appealing to communicate without having to face their audience.

Well, I think that we do have to face the audience at some point but spite of that I am willing to experiment with this blog, with the ideas I am getting from Youtube and other sites and with the ideas that emerge in my consciousness and that are inspiring me to follow this path.

I hope you do find it interesting to read.

Tell me, What are your motivations to experiment?, What inspires experimentation in your life? I am listening...