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The following is placeholder text known as “lorem I always thought of having a place where I could talk about certain topics to a more detailed degree. This place gives me the opportunity to do it and share it with you. I hope you can use this to your benefit.

Productivity is a topic very popular these days; people have so little time to spare...but at the same time it is common that people do not use their time in the most beneficial way for them. I am talking about my experiences and those of people I know. So, it is a topic that makes me curious to learn more about it and try all possible techniques to find out which one works better for me. This is the place where I tell you about it.

Organization is everywhere; we all have it, it just does not work the same way for all of us. Some of us are far from having an organized schedule, day, office, desk, kitchen or closet. It is true that everyone knows how he or she handles his or her stuff but it is also very common to hear people complain about not having things in the right place at the right time. I am one of them. And this blog is an ongoing project to reflect and share my experiences as I organize my house and my life.